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Haystak - "Long Overdue" (Limited Edition CD) *BLACK FRIDAY SALE*

Haystak - "Long Overdue" (Limited Edition CD) *BLACK FRIDAY SALE*

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Hard copy CD of Haystak's new release "Long Overdue". This limited edition CD contains bonus tracks not available on the digital release. ***THIS PRODUCT IS ESTIMATED TO SHIP BY TUESDAY 11/7/2023***

1. That One (ft. Jon Conner)
2. My People
3. Wish You Woodz (ft. Liteskin Django)
4. Don't You Blink (ft. BB Swing)
5. Aye Bruh (ft. Jon Conner)
6. The Recipe
7. Bottles Burying Me (ft. Bryan Martin)
8. It's Alright, It's Ok (ft. Big Chuk)
9. That's Me
10. Git it Out the Dirt (ft. Jon Conner and Legacy)
11. Ghost (ft. Jon Conner and Legacy)
12. Woods Way (ft. Chevy Taylor)

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